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Top Five Blogs of 2021


As we head into 2022, I always like to look back professionally and personally to set some new goals. While this year has not been easy, and the start of 2022 doesn't look much better, I know my greatest goal is to prioritize my self-care. I mainly function at one speed- fast. I thrive off deadlines and pulling all-nighters if needed. One year, I was balancing too much and got shingles from stress. Now, every time I take on too much, Kristy starts to say, "Okay, Shingles! You sure this is the right choice?" While I always laugh and still do it, she isn't wrong,

At the end of 2021, I found myself burnt out in ways that I hadn't been in a long time. While I haven't gotten shingles again, I have struggled with motivation. As a result, I did something I never do this winter break. I rested. I read a few books, hung out with my husband, and tried to stay off my phone and computer as much as possible. I woke up today feeling ready to dive into work again, and I dare say I was excited to do so.

As part of my work today, I was looking at the growth of ACP and was so pleased we have exceeded all of the goals I wrote down at the start of 2021. We have gained close to another 1,000 subscribers and have started to put on more and more workshops. One thing I am excited to do in 2022 is to release our next e-book on project-based learning and update our resource page.

While going through stats, I was inspired to look at our top blog posts based on a newsletter from the lovely crew at Early Childhood PBL, who sent out their top 5 blogs of the year. If you don't follow them and are an early childhood teacher, you should. Check out this website here:

Below, you will see our top 5 blogs of the year and comment from various educators on how it helped their practice, along with a graphic. I encourage you to check out any of the blogs that seem interesting to help jumpstart the 2022 year. Check out the list below:

Our Top 5 Blogs of the Year:

  1. Why It Resonated: "I hear inquiry-based learning all the time but wasn't sure what it was or how to do it. The graphic in the blog helped put it into context, and the resources included gave me ideas I could incorporate into my lessons the following day." -A High School Social Studies Teacher.

  1. Why It Resonated: "I have been trying project-based learning with limited success over the last couple of years. Each project has gotten easier, but a lightbulb went off as soon as I saw the HQPBL Learning Experience, and suddenly I could see what I needed to do more of." -A First Grade Teacher.

  1. Why It Resonated: "Understanding the history along with the reflective questions provided me a starting point to have teachers and leaders center Culturally Relevant and Responsive Teaching by demystifying it." A District Leadership Instructional K-12 Coach

  1. Why It Resonated: "Assessment has been a huge focus this year, and trying to think of assessment as beyond a test has been a struggle. This blog gave my teachers concrete development ideas and provided me with look-fors during my walkthroughs." A K-5 Principal

  1. Why It Resonated: "This year, I am focusing on marginalized voices and discussing current events in all of our units. This blog helped me to set up my classroom and students with success to be able to have difficult but meaningful conversations where all my students feel seen and heard." An 8th Grade ELA Teacher

  1. Why It Resonated: While we just released this blog a little more than a week ago, there has already been a lot of interest, and I would argue it is because we are all feeling burnt out. If you check this one out, we include a download for a 40+ page workbook to help you prioritize your own health. Below is a sample page.


With only a few days of winter break left, take some time to be reflective. While I am not big on New Year's Resolutions, I am big on focusing on growth and goals. What is something in the sphere of your control and influence that could positively impact students in 2022? Consider what you need and who you need help from to get there. Just know that we are always here to be your greatest cheerleaders and thought partners here at ACP.


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