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PBL + Artificial Intelligence Workshop 

Overview: Embrace the future of Project-Based Learning with our forward-thinking AI-powered platform! In this transformative workshop, educators will learn about project-based learning and harness the power of AI to design projects that deeply resonate with their unique teaching contexts.

Why this Workshop

  • Seeking a Deeper Understanding of PBL? Dive into the nuances of Project-Based Learning. It's imperative to not only grasp 'what' PBL is but to deeply understand 'how' to effectively design it, even with a tool to help you. This workshop provides the expertise needed to make the right choices for your unique teaching context while using our platform.

  • Facing a Time Crunch? Designing PBL from scratch can often be an overwhelming endeavor. With our AI-driven platform, we simplify and expedite the process, laying down a solid foundation to jumpstart your project creation.

  • Frustrated with Generic PBL Projects? Pre-made projects can often seem detached from the realities of your classroom. Harnessing the capabilities of AI, we provide dynamic project ideas that, with your personal touch, seamlessly align with your classroom's unique requirements and objectives. Our innovative platform not only streamlines the project creation process but also offers convenient storage, so you can dedicate more time to your students and less time on project adaptation.

Introduction to PBL

Dive deep into understanding the what and why behind HQPBL and how AI and ACP's project generator can be a powerful ally in project creation, leading to quicker and more successful implementation.


Generating Ideas Through Our Platform

Practical hands-on sessions where participants interact with AI, generating a plethora of project ideas across varied subjects and grades using our own AI platform to create one project you want to implement with students by the end of the day


Tailoring AI Ideas

Learn the art of molding AI-generated project ideas to align with specific classroom contexts, regional standards, and distinct student demographics while staying true to the HQPBL framework.


Standards Alignment

Ensure every project meets or exceeds curriculum benchmarks, making the learning process compliant and impactful.


Personalization Techniques

Learn strategies to infuse local relevance, cultural context, and individual student interests into the projects, ensuring they resonate and engage.


Feedback & Iteration

You aren't alone in this journey! Participants will get feedback to solidify their project idea.


Creating a Repository

Participants will have access to ACP's online project generator for one year to develop a bank of AI-assisted PBL experiences, which can be revisited and adapted for future use.


Customization Options

Although the workshop can be concisely presented in just one day, spanning it across multiple sessions enriches educators' understanding of PBL, enhancing the likelihood of successful implementation.

Full Day Workshop Includes:

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Online Open
Enrollment Workshop

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