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Our Services: An Overview

Are you ready to transform your school or district through connection, community, and compassion? We offer services around our e-books and customized in-person or remote professional development to meet each school's specific needs and meet teachers, coaches, and leaders where they are. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process to ensure meaningful learner driven work.

Overview: Services

What You Can Expect

Engaging Workshops

We won't just be telling you about a topic or pedagogy, you will experience it. The best chance for teachers to implement changes for their students is to experience It as a learner and see immediate classroom implications.

Actionable Implementation Steps

We have all been to PD where we don't know when we will have the time to implement the ideas shared. In our workshops or coaching sessions, teachers will walk away with transferable and usable plans for implementation to make the learning meaningful.

Connected Community Approach

We don't want any of our workshops to feel like "just another thing" for teachers to implement, so we take a systematic and community approach when designing and facilitating to help implementation be successful. It is always about meeting your outcomes and needs, not ours.

Reflective Coaches and Facilitators

As John Dewey stated, “we do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience,” and we make sure to value reflective practice in everything we do. Through our style of questioning and dialogue, teachers will feel supported throughout their learning journey.

Overview: List

Current Offerings

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E-Book Workshops

Choose from 90 minute, half-day, or full-day sessions based on our e-books. Current offerings are on Connecting Together and SEL Connected.

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Customized Wokshops In-Person & Remote

Are you looking for a workshop that fits your unique context? We would love to collaborate and personalize 90 minutes, half-day, or full-day sessions for you.

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Coaching for Teachers & Leaders

Are you struggling to build sustainability and capacity on your vision? Sometimes teachers need time to work with an expert one on one or in small groups for implementation to happen. Buy a package of hours to support your teachers in their learning journey or to have a thought partner to make your vision a reality

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Self-Paced Online Courses

Up for 4 hours of self-paced content on various topics teachers ask for. A half-hour of one on one coaching can be added

Overview: Projects

What Teachers Are Saying

Overview: Testimonials

Something that inspired me today was learning some new strategies to try to engage and connect with my students in this new reality!

S.F., Teacher

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