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Our Books

To help educators meet their learners' needs, we offer various free ebooks, focusing on practical strategies that can be implemented in classrooms immediately. Please take a peek below at our current titles.


Connecting Together: Collaboration Strategies for Online and Physically Distanced Learning

Have you been wondering how you might create opportunities for collaborative learning in this era? You’re in luck! Connecting Together is a labor of love - a book with 16 strategies for collaboration. Each strategy includes suggested adjustments for online and physically distanced learning. There are also some free resources and templates sprinkled throughout the book for good measure. We wrote this in an effort to equip teachers to make amazing connections happen in their classrooms - however those might look.

HQPBL Connected Mini Booklet.jpg

HQPBL Connected: An educator's guide to creating meaningful project-based student experiences

Project-based learning has been around for a long time, but how do you know if it is working? While many PBL frameworks focus on teacher actions and lesson design, there is one that places learners at the center. Meet High Quality Project Based Learning Framework. HQPBL for short! The framework outlines the student’s PBL experience. The ACP team, a group of PBL experts and practitioners, came together to demystify and elevate this framework in our latest book, HQPBL Connected. In this e-book you will find a breakdown of each criteria, what they look like in the classroom, and tips for getting started. Come join the movement to create experiences that impact and excite learners!

SEL eBook.png

SEL Connected: Accessible Strategies to Bridge Social and Emotional Learning to Everyday Content

Are you looking to make Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) the foundation for all content areas? SEL Connected is a book utilizing the CASEL's SEL framework through 15 different strategies with a spotlight example of it in action, showcasing what it means to intentionally plan with an SEL mindset. There are even suggestions for online learning for every strategy. Let's start to make our classrooms more equitable by meeting our students' needs academically as well as socially and emotionally without sacrificing the content we need to teach!

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