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About ACP

Mission & Vision 

Core Values

Our mission is to prepare students for graduation and life beyond with a dedication to equity and inclusivity through connection, compassion, and community. We empower schools to reimagine educational practices and establish thriving environments that nurture every student and family. Guided by constructivist pedagogy, we tailor our work to meet the unique needs of all learners, focusing on our expert areas: 

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Culturally Relevant and Responsive Teaching

  •  Actionable Assessment

  •  Transformational Leadership & Coaching

We champion a change towards learner-centered work that transforms schools into dynamic spaces of meaningful engagement and growth.

Community: Each of us needs to belong, and investing in the community is investing in ourselves.


Compassion: We should approach all situations and individuals with understanding to address the challenges in education and our world.


Connection: Learning and relationships are made richer through connections.


Meaningful Work: Through our interactions, work, and products, all people should be working in service of the work that has personal or community impact and is of the highest quality.

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