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Join our next online PBL+AI Workshop on August 2nd, 2024

Pedagogy with Purpose: Community, Compassion, Change.

Transform your K-12 school into a dynamic space of engagement and growth with our professional development on constructivist practices for educators and leaders.

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Embrace the Future of Professional Learning

At Applied Coaching for Projects, we go beyond traditional professional development for educators. We work in partnership with you to deliver high-quality, learner-centered professional learning customized to your unique vision and needs in order to achieve student outcomes.

Our Services

Guided by constructivist pedagogy, we tailor our work to meet the unique needs of all learners, focusing on the following areas to provide professional development services for educators:


Project Based Learning

Dive into dynamic, meaningful student experiences with our Project-Based Learning services, which integrate critical thinking and authentic, real-world problem-solving into your curriculum.


Social & Emotional Learning

Discover the key to student success with our Social & Emotional Learning services, designed to enhance interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence in educational settings.


Culturally Relevant & Responsive Teaching

Boost your classroom culture and student engagement with our Culturally Relevant and Responsive teaching strategies that honor and reflect diverse student cultural backgrounds.


Actionable Assessment 

Enhance your teaching effectiveness with our Actionable Assessment techniques, providing practical, measurable, data-driven insights to guide student learning and progress.


Leadership & Coaching

Develop transformational leadership and coaching skills with our specialized workshops and personalized coaching sessions designed to foster innovation and change in schools and districts.

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Discover the difference that Applied Coaching for Projects can make in achieving your goals.

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