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to our Project Slice:
"Places, Spaces, and Me"!

We are excited to have you here! 

Overall Project Summary*

How do we know who and where we are? In this project, we're going on an adventure to discover stories about places and spaces and how they help us understand who we are. After our journey, you'll get to write a creative piece and create some cool art that shows what you've learned. Your story and art should be all about the big question we're exploring together—How do places and spaces shape who I am?

*Inspired by the High Tech Middle North County Project - American Immigration Project and the Smithsonian Institution Center for Cultural and Folklife Heritage via Learning for Justice - Borders and Identities

Here is a brief overview of what we'll be doing today

Driving Question: What PBL strategies, resources, and practices can be used to enhance our TAIPs?


Learning Outcomes:

  • Refine your understanding of TAIPs through PBL.

  • Experience High-Quality TAIP practices and strategies as a learner that can be used to strengthen practice.


Workshop Docs & Links

Learning and Investigation

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Storytelling Resources

In this section, you will review exemplars of strong storytelling in the form of selected podcasts.


Books to Review

This section has a list of books that you may review as you explore powerful storytelling.



This section will lead you through preparing for and conducting interviews in order to prepare to tell stories ourselves. 

Workshop Reference Slides

Related Resources

Learning Strategies
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Workshop Survey

Thanks for attending our Project Slice Workshop! Take a moment to fill out this survey

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