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Aug 02, 2024, 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM EDT
Online Conference
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PBL Reimagined:
Crafting Projects with AI Support


Join us for a transformative workshop where educators delve into the world of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and harness the power of AI to design projects tailored to their unique teaching contexts.

Why this Workshop?

  • Deeper Understanding of PBL Dive into the nuances of Project-Based Learning. Gain insights not just into 'what' PBL is but, more importantly, 'how' to effectively design it with the assistance of our AI-powered platform.

  • Time Crunch Solutions Overcome the overwhelming task of designing PBL from scratch. Our AI-driven platform simplifies and expedites the process, providing a solid foundation to jumpstart your project creation.

  • Frustration-Free Projects Say goodbye to generic PBL projects. Our AI capabilities offer dynamic project ideas that seamlessly align with your classroom's unique requirements and objectives, saving you time on project adaptation.

What You'll Learn:

  • Insights into High-Quality Project-Based Learning (HQPBL): The essential concepts of HQPBL and the role of AI in project creation.

  • Customizing AI-Generated Ideas: How to adapt AI ideas to specific educational environments, regional standards, and diverse student demographics within the HQPBL framework.

  • Alignment with Educational Standards: Techniques to ensure projects meet or exceed curriculum benchmarks.

  • Personalization in Projects: Strategies for adding local relevance, cultural context, and individual student interests to projects.

  • Feedback and Iterative Improvement: Approaches to receiving and implementing feedback to refine project ideas.

  • Building a Project Repository: Developing a collection of AI-assisted PBL experiences using ACP's online project generator.

How You Will Spend Your Time:

  • Delving into HQPBL: Starting with an in-depth exploration of HQPBL and its integration with AI.

  • Interactive AI Sessions: Hands-on sessions interacting with AI to generate a variety of project ideas.

  • Project Idea Adaptation: Working on customizing AI-generated ideas to fit specific classroom and regional needs.

  • Aligning Projects with Standards: Focusing on ensuring that each project aligns with educational benchmarks.

  • Incorporating Personalization: Engaging in activities to learn how to personalize projects effectively.

  • Feedback Sessions: Participating in feedback rounds to improve and solidify project ideas.

  • Using the AI Project Generator: Accessing and utilizing ACP's AI-based project generator to create and manage a repository of PBL experiences.

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What Educators Are Saying:

Image by Kenny Eliason

B.L., Instructional Coach

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"Walking into each day of learning with ACP, I know one thing is certain. My thinking is going to be challenged. Whether it's through a time of reflection, dialogue with other participants, or a one-on-one conversation with our facilitator, I am stretched. That is something that everyone needs!”
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