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Station B

Selecting & Editing a Good Driving Question

  1. You will have 20 minutes to engage in each station rotation. Make sure you have someone keeping time.

  2. After 20 minutes, your group will rotate to the next station.

  3. Once your group has completed all three stations, please make a note of any important information and then apply it to the Project Builder.

Step 1: Watch Video


1. Watch the video on the left-hand side and take notes while you watch it.

2. Pause the video and discuss with your team the driving questions on a continuum towards the end of the video.

3.  Discuss in small groups what stood out to you and what you would like to remember going forward once you finish the video.

Step 2: Putting it into Practice

In this section, you'll put what learned in the short video into practice with the Project Builder. (~10 min)


  1. Below are two documents. One is an elementary project and the other is secondary. Each document includes background information, project overviews, and driving questions that were generated by the platform. Select either the elementary or secondary project. Then, discuss these options and compare each to the checklist:

    • Is easy to remember & understandable 

    • Captures the project’s main focus 

    • Allows for the exploration of multiple reasonable and complex solutions or perspectives by students 

    • Helps launch students in the inquiry process and investigation cycle

  2. Determine which driving question is the best fit and discuss what edits will be needed.

Step 3: Reflection

1. First, consider these questions independently. 

  • What is something I will be sure to do when selecting and editing a driving question?

  • What else should we consider?

2. Then, share your thoughts with your team.

Be prepared to share your reflections with the rest of our group at the end!

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