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Surprise... A Gift For You!

Hello friends,

It's the season for gratitude – and we're feeling so thankful for you this year. Your enthusiasm and interest in Applied Coaching for Projects keeps us forever creating and sharing materials to help educators and students everywhere.

When Kristy had the idea for our Connecting Together e-Book in late July, I never imagined we would get over 1,000 subscribers to, nor have the book be downloaded several thousand times. In the past five months, we have also facilitated remote workshops from Hawaii to New York, started a blog, and were featured in a webinar. We even launched a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn page. To say that we feel fortunate would be an understatement!

While the year has presented Applied Coaching for Projects with a lot of great opportunities, we realize how horrible 2020 has been for most of our country. Covid-19 has brought much tragedy and devastation worldwide, and teaching remotely was never in our wildest dreams. We have seen all of you show resilience every day with your students through all the trauma. Words can not begin to thank you enough.

So we've created a little something for you, a Spring Semester 2021 Teacher Planner, as a way to say thank you! I don't know about you, but I love myself a good planner (and I just want to be done with all things associated with 2020). We hope this brings you a little joy in a time when finding joy can be rough. Pull out all of your colored pens and stickers!

We will be taking some much needed time off in the next few weeks, but we will be back in the new year with lots of exciting news that we can hardly wait to share! Please give yourself permission to take some time off - like really time off - just for you this winter break. The chaos will still be there no matter what in 2021.

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